Principal Investigator (PI)

A01 Qualia Structure

【PI】Nao Tsuchiya

B01 Measurement and Manipulation

【PI】Makiko Yamada

C01 Information Structure

【PI】 Masafumi Oizumi

【PI】 Yusuke Moriguchi

Associated Investigator (AI)

Ai Koizumi 

【Visiting Researcher】

【AI】 Steve Phillips

【AI】 Hayato Saigo

Tsuchiya Lab.

Beth Fisher

Asymmetry in Colour Similarity

Yota Kawashima

Infer the physical mechanism of conscious experiences by a massive collection of time-series analyses

Anikó Kusztor

Exploring perceptual experiences in depersonalisation/derealisation

Angus Leung

Towards blinded classification of levels of consciousness using a massive library of time series analyses

Qianchen Liang

Revealing the truer limit in conscious contents through the Massive Report Paradigm

Nirmitee Mulay

Marcel Masque Salgado

Identifying temporal emergence in neural systems recorded in vivo

William Wong

DREAM CATCHER: EEG spectral power is not a genuine measure of dreaming consciousness

Chuyin Zhang

Ariel Zeleznikow-Johnston

Are colour experience structures the same across the visual field?

Yamada Lab.

Yasunori Aizawa

Do mental states follow quantum mechanics during bistable perception? - Test of temporal Bell inequality -

Takahiro Hirao

A study of brain activity related to color qualia

Daisuke Matsuyoshi

More defaults: Metastate transition induced by an increase in the striatal extracellular dopamine

Mitsuhiro Miyamae

A study of brain activity related to color qualia

Naoko Omorege

Yasuka Sahara

Sleep pattern and Cognitive function

Kentaro Tamaki


Oizumi Lab.

Genji Kawakita

Quantifying brain state transition cost via Schrödinger’s bridge

Asaki Kataoka

On The Representation of Colour Category: A Geometric approach to Sapir-Wharf hypothesis

Tomoya Taguchi

Network cores of the human functional connectome

Moriguchi Lab.

Ryoichi Watanabe

Development of the Information Capacity of Visual Experience at a Belief Glance

Nozomi Yamamoto

Social Information Processing related to Aggressive Behavior

Jue Wang

Exploring creative thinking in early childhood